Business Owners
There are many reasons you might be considering a transition in your life that involves selling a part or all of your business. You might want to retire or to pursue other interests. Perhaps you might be interested in becoming a passive owner seeking liquidity or continuing as an active owner seeking a partner to grow your business. Vento Capital strives to put your company, employees, and customers in a talented team aiming at value creation for stakeholders.

During the transaction process: we offer flexibility to structure a transition to meet you and your family's needs. We conduct a straight-forward due diligence process to simplify the transaction.

Post-Close: we buy-to-keep and create value through equity appreciation and dividends. Although our ownership horizon is long-term, we are mindful about management and owners' desires for liquidity.

Vento Capital can provide an attractive cash-out opportunity for business owners or corporations seeking the right combination of people and capital to continue the long term growth of their company.

We're flexible. We accommodate sellers' needs, including structure, timing and confidentiality.

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